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Cinema 4D plugin - change log

22/02/2018 C4D plugin v38

- Fixed takes grouping system. Now each take will have group_name in output path

12/02/2018 C4D plugin v37

- Fixed issue with not rendering tiled camera when using non-standard render engines

07/02/2018 C4D plugin v36

- Improved caching checker for C4D tags - now all mograph, dynamics, and cloth tags are checked for a missing cache. When uploading with the plugin, you can select to skip caching
- Fixed issue with not uploaded GI maps (Irradiance) when using "full animation mode" switch

29/01/2018 C4D plugin v35

- Major updates to C4D scenes with Anima plugin
- Auto baking of anima projects from C4D upon upload
- Aniprojects are now loaded and linked as .anipack
- Purchased assets included in .anipack

29/11/2017 C4D plugin v34

- Added blocker for GPU based render engines. For GPU based rendering server renting, please contact us
- Added blocker & prompt about non-supported assets formats (video textures) and video output formats
- Added support for UNC network paths
- Fixed unsupported type of signs in takes names
- Fixed copying camera tags when using tiled camera plugin mode
- Fixed XParticles prompt about caches

25/9/2017 C4D plugin v33

- Block non-renderable high-resolution formats (resolution 65k and higher)
- Added prompt for xparticles Cache
- Fixed issue with custom C4D installation paths

05/9/2017 C4D plugin v32

- Added support for multi-camera scenes with tiled rendering

23/8/2017 C4D plugin v31

- Fixed saving VRay version in settings file
- Fixed issues with custom GI path with C4D renderers

30/7/2017 C4D plugin v30

- Fixes & improvements

26/7/2017 C4D plugin v29

- Fixes in "autosave" switches in GI/Caustic/AO

7/7/2017 C4D plugin v28

- Fixed issues with tiled camera & project file render range
- Fixed issues with C4D installation stuff

13/6/2017 C4D plugin v27

- Fixed issues with Arnold output drivers paths
- Blocked frame range and resolution changes on Web Manager while using tiled camera mode

22/5/2017 C4D plugin v26

- Bugs fixes and improvements

15/5/2017 C4D plugin v25

- Extended support for Real Flow caches (all type of RF cache files)
- Plugins listing in .gfs file (settings file) for future plugins & renderers auto deployment

1/5/2017 C4D plugin v22

- Blocked non-renderable output formats
- Support for Real Flow (including caches)
- Fixed random bug with takes system
- Updated installer (C4D version checker)

3/4/2017 C4D plugin v21

- Added "close" button for Tiled mode
- Added progress bar to plugin processes

24/3/2017 C4D plugin v20

- Support for C4D takes system
- Support for distributed still shots rendering with C4Ds "Tiled camera" feature. Works with AdvancedRender, Physical, Arnold


C4D plugin is released & live. All features from "features list are supported now

Version 001

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