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Blender plugin - change log

17/01/2019 Blender plugin v36

- Upgrade for Blender 2.80 Beta

07/01/2019 Blender plugin v35

- Upgrade for Blender 2.80 Beta

20/12/2018 Blender plugin v34

- Fixed with proxies assets

29/10/2018 Blender plugin v33

- Fixed issues with copy/relink image sequences

15/10/2018 Blender plugin v32

- Improved symlink handling on Windows OS

08/10/2018 Blender plugin v31

- Fixed sequence relinking

04/10/2018 Blender plugin v30

- Added support for Blender 2.80
- Added support for using symbolic/hard links instead of copying files for movie clips assets and caches - reduces the duration of scene preparation and disk usage
- Added support for mp4 assets
- Added support for non-latin characters
- Added Render Cost Calculator
- Improved order of scene checks
- Added list of cameras in gfs

17/05/2018 Blender plugin v29

- Fixed Blend Cache versioning
- Fixed bug with plugin startup in blender 2.76 and below

03/04/2018 Blender plugin v28

- Default settings changes - Overwrite - always ON (skip existing frames), Placeholders - always OFF

09/03/2018 Blender plugin v27

- Fixed ""square"" samples checkbox. Now its off as default

25/01/2018 Blender plugin v26

- Expanded .gfs (scene settings saved to file) with scene resolution, bucket size & Cycle render sample value. Now you will be able to set them on web manager

16/01/2018 Blender plugin v25

- Added support Alembic cache (.abc)

27/12/2017 Blender plugin v24

- Added prompt about proxy rigs support ("Your scene contains proxy rigs, which we currently don't support. Please merge them into your scene after exporting as point cache or alembic")
- Added prompt about errors while saving scenes
- Added automatic version set of Blender FILMIC build
- Fixed copying images sequences

6/10/2017 Blender plugin v23

- Added prompt about "AutoRun Python Script" when using custom scripts in scene
- Changed plugin workflow - now plugin will send unpacked scene instead of packing & assets relinking

26/6/2017 Blender plugin v22

- Added support for  mesh cache
- Added version checker (before install)

2/1/2017 Blender plugin v20

- Added support for .mdd assets & PC2 caches
- Fixes for Win/OSX relative & absolutive paths for cached objects (cache/OpenVDB)
- Blender files are compressed now while plugin saving process

9/9/2016 Blender plugin v18

- Warning about smoke caches added
- renderBeamer is starting automatically after installation now

19/8/2016 Blender plugin v14

- Network drives support has been added
- Fixes for long paths in scene name & assets (more than 100 signs)
- Major fixes to plugin stability & usage


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