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Adobe After Effects plugin - change log

18/07/2019 - Adobe After Effects plugin v5

- Added support for new renderBeamer version (v0.1000)

28/05/2019 - Adobe After Effects plugin v4
- Improved support for macOS. Now all connected assets are uploaded and linked correctly in AE asset browser (including .mov assets, image sequences and so on)
- Other “under the hood” improvements (plugin speed & stability)
- After Effects on Web Manager - now default FPR (frames per render) is automatically set to ten. User can also increase FPR. The maximum value is 50 frames per execution

08/04/2019 - Adobe After Effects plugin v3

- Added support for the temporary directory
- Fixed issue with no assets uploaded
- Fixed issues with script execution
- Other minor fixes and improvements

15/01/2019 - Adobe After Effects plugin v2

- Added support for PSD layered assets
- Added support for sequence assets
- Added support for fonts uploading
- Added support for the symbolic/hard link instead of copying file assets - reduces the duration of scene preparation and disk usage
- A lot of major and minor fixes and improvements

27/07/2018 - Adobe After Effects plugin v1

- New plugin added to web manager downloads section
- Supported OS - Windows / macOS
- AE minimum version - 2018 (15.1.1.x)
- Most common output formats are supported (like PNG/JPG and so on). Also, you can render to .mov format. With .mov rendering will be done on one super fast node
- With standard frames output - rendering is set to FRP10 (automatically), so each render node gets 10 frames to render at one execution
- There is no support for customer fonts (yet), so in case of using some custom stuff here - please ask our support team via. chat or Skype to add them to our farm


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