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Lightwave3D plugin - change log

27/12/2017 - Lightwave3D plugin v38

- Rebuild project handling operations. If error occurs, plugin will delete temporary "renderBeamer" folder
- At the end of the scene preparation process, plugin will now reload original Lightwave file
- Improved checking operations for Compositive Buffers Export - now plugin is checking for selected objects, and if it's not finding any of them, doesn't allow to proceed with workflow

22/11/2017 - Lightwave3D plugin v37

- Fixed plugin prompt issues (for radiosity cache)

16/11/2017 - Lightwave3D plugin v36

- Fixed issue with not relinked radiosity cache
- Added additional prompt & checker for radiosity cache file

16/10/2017 - Lightwave3D plugin v35

- Fixed issue with PSD Exporter plugin output path

23/6/2017 - Lightwave3D plugin v34

- Fixes with IES assets links

6/6/2017 - Lightwave3D plugin v33

- Extended support for special assets in sub-folders (like mdd caches/abc files/GI maps)
- Improvements in plugin stability & speed

11/5/2017 - Lightwave3D plugin v32

- Support for sub-folders and non-project paths for any kind LW files (including assets/scenes/object)

28/4/2017 - Lightwave3D plugin v31

- Support for same-multiple output plugins (including compositive buffers export)
- Support for DropBox paths

14/4/2017 - Lightwave3D plugin v30

- Added support for additional output options - Node image filter
- Added support for "Get global buffers" & "Get extra buffers" nodes

6/3/2017 - Lightwave3D plugin v29

- Expanded support for missing assets
- Optimized plugin workflow for Mac OS

8/12/2016 - Lightwave3D plugin v28

- Fixes issues with asset sequences upload

9/9/2016 - Lightwave3D plugin v27

- Fixed support for IES lights asset (Lightwave internal & DPKits)
- renderBeamer is starting automatically after installation now

19/8/2016 - Lightwave3D plugin v24

- Network drives support has been added
- Fixes for long paths in scene name & assets (more than 100 signs)
- Major fixes to plugin stability & usage

2/3/2016 - Lightwave3D plugin v23

- Added support for IES lights assets
- Fixed issues with turning on/off compositive buffers outputs
- Added support for reverse range (minus step)


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