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Supported features

Global features:
  • Rendering with Lightwave versions from 11 to 2015 series (including all subversions)

  • Rendering with engines - LW renderer and Kray

  • Rendering frame sequences, single frames, ranges (with step), selected frames

  • Rendering scenes with any type of cached animations (like mdd files, abc caches)

  • Support for non-latin characters - as well in scene names & assets

  • Support for all Lightwave external assets like textures, GI maps etc.

  • Support for whole project folder structure - including asset relinking and any type of caches (like radiosity, dynamics, mdd etc.)

  • Full automated integration - scene versioning, assets checking (after upload), scene checking

Rendering & GI:
  • Rendering scenes with multiple GI setups (Radiosity, Lightmap, Final Gather, Photon maps)

  • Rendering using distributed techniques for every kind of scene

  • GI caching in all available modes & render engines

  • Rendering scenes with pre-cached radiosity

  • Rendering scenes with pre-cached LW dynamics

  • All available external outputs - main with alpha, compositive buffers, EXR trader, PSD image filter plugin, kray main with alpha, kray buffers

  • Saving outputs with customer setups (including prefixes and internal settings)

Version 001

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Re: Supported features

Lightwave plugin v10
-fixed bug old version 11.5


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